Perhaps the most bittersweet metal festival of all time took place over the weekend. The fifth annual GWAR-B-Q not only hosted an incredible lineup of bands, but paid tribute to late GWAR frontman Dave 'Oderus Urungus' Brockie. Before the Aug. 16 festival, many fans felt it was impossible for GWAR to continue on without Brockie, but during GWAR's performance with new alien front-thing Blothar on vocal duties, it became obvious that GWAR could remain solid.

After Oderus Urungus' viking funeral on Aug. 15, which included a speech from Lamb of God's Randy Blythe and an appearance from Dead Kennedys legend Jello Biafra, the 2014 GWAR-B-Q blasted off with top-notch rock and metal along with tasty BBQ treats and GWAR beer. Acts such as Hatebreed, the Misfits, Body Count, Goatwhore and Revocation assembled for a tremendous lineup, with Randy Blythe actually joining Hatebreed onstage for 'Doomsayer.'

Finally, GWAR closed the festival with a lineup filled with favorite Scumdog characters and new vocalist Blothar. GWAR's newest character was portrayed by Mike Bishop, who was the original Beefcake the Mighty, a character which lives on to this day within GWAR's lineup. As a GWAR veteran, Bishops possesses an understanding of the band from his near decade-long reign with the intergalactic warmongers.

Throughout Blothar's performance, the alien being channelled his inner Oderus, singing in Brockie's signature style without outright copying the deceased mastermind. As evidenced in GWAR's full festival performance, the heart of GWAR still pumps with a violent beat. The task of doing Brockie justice is near-impossible, but somehow, the band made it work.

Hail Oderus! Hail Dave Brockie! Hail GWAR! Check out GWAR's full GWAR-B-Q set in the video above and Randy Blythe jamming with Hatebreed in the video below!

Hatebreed with Randy Blythe Perform 'Doomsayer' at 2014 GWAR-B-Q

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