Halestorm received a major present at the beginning of the year with a nice shiny Grammy. The band has been trekking nonstop in support of their latest album ‘The Strange Case Of…,’ and during their New York date at Terminal 5 we had the chance to speak with drummer Arejay Hale and bassist Josh Smith about what they'd like for Christmas.

Being that the gig was right after Thanksgiving, we asked the members about what they would like as gifts this holiday season. Josh Smith replied with a very simple answer, “See I’m up in the air. I have a few things that I want but I’m only going to ask for one thing. I guess it’s going to be a road bike or something with dirt bikes.”

Arejay Hale got a little more specific in his answer. “I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a new computer and some good recording software. I live in L.A. and we got a little bedroom studio in my apartment. I definitely need to upgrade my software situation. I’ve been using this program called Sonar but I’d really like to upgrade to Logic or get a good ProTools rig or something. That’s what I’d like for Christmas, just a way to do more recordings at home.”

The band is no stranger to hard work, and Arejay explains why the software upgrades would be the perfect present. “We’re so used to being busy bodies on the road, so when we go home we don’t want to sit around. Me and my girl -- we got an apartment and she’s a really talented songwriter and singer. So when I go home, we write together but it’s so frustrating because we’ll try to record demos and the software we’re using gets pretty out of date so everything gets slowed down or we’ll get the pinwheel of death. We definitely need to supe up our home studio; that would be great just so we can be productive when we’re off the road.”

Arejay concludes, “I feel so guilty if we’re off the road and we’re not creating something. I also want to get a really good electronic drum kit so it doesn’t disturb the neighbors but it still has the feel of a real drum set so writing drum parts feels more natural.”

With all this talk of new equipment, new gear and even the dirt bike, Halestorm look like they’re damn ready for 2014. In fact, Arejay recently told Billboard that the band plans to spend the month of January working on a new disc.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Arejay Hale and Josh Smith of Halestorm.

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