Halestorm fans are anticipating the release of the new album and a few lucky Pennsylvanian concert goers got a treat when the band performed a new tune tentatively titled ‘Here’s To Us.’ In our recent interview with songstress Lzzy Hale, she revealed that sometimes there can be a friendly sibling rivalry onstage with her younger brother, drummer Arejay Halebut, but also admitted that she's impressed with his skills.

“From a big sister point of view, just making this record, I’m so proud of him. It takes a lot to surprise me with him because I know him so well and I found myself leaning into the drum room while he was cuttin’ the drums and looking at the guys like 'I didn’t know he could do that.' He’s awesome.”

She goes on to say that despite being proud of him, there is some competition between them when they hit the stage. “But I will tell you it’s a sibling rivalry onstage there will always be a point in time where I look back and I’m like what the hell man you’re stealin’ my thunder! I’m the front person not you, you’re in the back! [Laughs]”

Stay tuned for Loudwire's full interview with Lzzy Hale.