Halestorm have climbed the rock ladder over the years to become one of the top acts in the genre, and in a recent interview with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez, vocalist Lzzy Hale reflected on a bit of that journey.

In the clip above, Lzzy tells Toni about her start in music, revealing that it was actually the piano where she began before feeling that she needed to rock out and picking up the guitar at the age of 16.

Since those early days, Halestorm have gone on to earn a pair of gold albums and it's something that's not lost on the humbled vocalist. "You like what you do, but you never think any of that stuff is ever going to happen," explains Hale. "So it's been very surreal and very cool."

When the conversation turns to Toni asking Lzzy about the most personal song to her on the Into the Wild Life album, Hale goes with "Dear Daughter," a song she says was inspired by a conversation she had with her parents who had the courage to let her pursue her dreams at an early age despite having their reservations about it. But even though her parents were scared about how things might turn out, they were also the biggest supporters of Lzzy and her brother Arejay.

Hale talks about the early lineups of Halestorm that included her father on bass -- that is until they reached the age of 14 and 15 and decided it was no longer cool to have dear old dad in the band. Hale laughingly recalls, "It's like Dad isn't cool anymore, 'So Dad, we wanna find people our own age, but you can run sound.' Terrible sound engineer. 'Well, Dad, you can drive the van.' 'No.' So now he's just Dad."

Watch Lzzy Hale discuss more with Toni Gonzalez about her musical and family history in the video above, and find out where to catch Halestorm on tour here.

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