Halestorm have been very good about keeping fans in the loop as they record their new album. And after documenting their recent return to the studio with a series of Instagram photos, the band is now giving fans a closer look at the recording with a new studio video.

The in-depth, 13-minute long clip finds each of the band members sharing their stories from the studio and giving everyone a better idea of what to expect. The clip was shot on the fifth day of recording in the church-like studio and what's instantly noticeable is that all four members of the group are recording at the same time rather than individually.

"It's very performance-based. It's very much based on whether or not we can all hit it at the same time or whether or not I can hit a note without having to be auto-tuned or something like that. It's definitely a challenge," says frontwoman Lzzy Hale.

Drummer Arejay Hale adds, "It's a way more organic way to record, which is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that it really captures what we are as a band. It's not manufactured or super edited or super perfect. If we mess up, you're gonna hear it."

The video provides plenty of insight, with guitarist Joe Hottinger showing off his full arsenal of guitars and commenting on the "sonic experiment of the album," Lzzy Hale laying down some powerful vocals on one song, while stepping behind the piano to take things down a little on another track. Meanwhile, Arejay Hale is seen rocking out to one of the more metal songs on the disc, 'Mayhem,' and bassist Josh Smith is seen commenting on the experience and jamming with the band as well.

"Everyone's going after the emotion of it," says Lzzy Hale. "They're going after the performance of it and is it magical. And not to throw that out there like it's some cheesy word, but really that's what we're going after -- that amazing performance. We're all on the same level and no one's trying too hard. We're just riding this wave together."

Stay tuned for more updates on the recording and eventual release of Halestorm's third album.