Brian 'Head' Welch, guitarist for Korn and frontman of Love and Death, contributes a popular monthly column called 'HeAd's KoRner' to Loudwire. In his newest entry, Head details all of the big events that have surrounded Korn over the past few weeks, including the release of their new album 'The Paradigm Shift,' their appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' their induction into the Guitar Center RockWalk and their headlining Family Values show. Check out Brian 'Head' Welch's latest edition of 'Head's Korner' below:

What up my Loudwire Peeps?!

It's been a minute since my last article. I was hoping to get my interview with Jacoby from Papa Roach out to you, but the files are on a different computer at home, and I haven't been home in months, so it'll have to wait!

Man, I've been crazy busy with the new KoRn album dropping: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' appearance, RockWalk induction, as well as touring, touring, touring, and more touring! Looks like I came back to KoRn at the perfect time, haha!

'The Paradigm Shift' Release:

There was a little bit of drama before the new KoRn album dropped. I was told by some fans that 'The Paradigm Shift' was "stolen" a few weeks prior to the release date, but the "mysterious" fan who stole the copy said he or she wasn't going to leak it out on the Web. Well, what happened a week before it came out? You guessed it -- the fan leaked it out on the Web! What a killer fan, right? I'd like to give that fan a special meet and greet backstage pass at one of our shows to give him or her something "special."

Anyway, life goes on. No need to let one idiot spoil the fun. And fun it has been!

'Jimmy Kimmel' Appearance:

I hadn't played 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' since sometime in 2004. Somehow I remember that day pretty well. I was loaded on meth and Xanex, which I'm sure you know by now was the norm for me back in the day.

So yeah, one day back in 2004, I was up the entire night before the 'Jimmy Kimmel' appearance snorting lines and trying to write a "musical masterpiece" on meth, LOL. When I realized I had snorted lines into the next day, I was very paranoid that I would look like a crackhead on TV, so around noon on the 'Kimmel' show day, I started drinking and taking Xanex to help take the "crackheadness" away from my countenance... haha... what a loser!

So, by the time the show started, I swallowed enough Xanex and Coors Light to get my hands to stop shaking from the meth, and I ended up playing decent ... I think.
I remember talking to Kimmel on the side of the stage all paranoid, wondering if he thought I was a crackhead, haha. Thank God I can laugh about it now!

Fast-forward to the 'Kimmel' show we taped last week - night and day difference from 2004! I brought my parents to the show and they watched the entire taping inside with Kimmel's other guests; ABC's 'Modern Family' cast.

The bands that perform on Kimmel aren't allowed to watch the interview sessions of the show as they're being taped, so I at least wanted my parents to experience it. My daughter came as well. She flew out from her school to hang. She's a crazy teenage rocker so she got in the crowd and watched from the crowd, front & center!

JD and Fieldy had their kids with 'em, as well, so it was a cool family night. I saw Kimmel on the stage like back in 2004, so I walked up and hugged him because I was so stoked I wasn't on meth this time, LOL. I don't even know if he remembered me, but I don't care... everyone needs a hug once in a while!

RockWalk Induction:

The next day we hit up the RockWalk at Hollywood's Guitar Center and that was insane!
Wow, what an honor to have our hand prints next to Clapton, Van Halen, AC/DC and all those other great artists I grew up listening to! Rob Zombie blew me away with what he said about us. White Zombie influenced us back in the day so that was rad.

All in all it was a crazy, exciting couple of weeks around KoRn's 'Paradigm Shift' release and I'm stoked that we all racked up some killer memories.

Family Values Show:

Oh wait, I almost forgot about the Family Values show! That was a crazy experience, too, man. I got sick the week before, so it spread to our tour bus and I got Fieldy sick. Munky threw his back out at the show before Family Values. JD had a back problem, as well. Throw in Ray slamming his hand in a door or something, and you have some broken ass KoRn Kernels! LOL

But the show must go on! It was a great night with Beware of Darkness, Asking Alexandria, Hollywood Undead, and everyone did killer. But my favorite band by far was KoRn. Man, that band KoRn kicks ass. Haha, I'm just playin! My favorite was Machine Gun Kelly. He and his band just put on a crazy unique, energetic show... 'twas awesome!

Access TV filmed the entire concert and broadcast it live. Crazy amounts of people saw it and we broke the 'Duck Dynasty' record for most viewers. I'm just playin' again! Some friends told us it sounded really good on TV, so that helped make all our sicknesses and body pains worth it!

Well, I have a few days off so I'm gonna go relax before I go to Brazil, then straight onto 'The Night of the Living Dreads Tour' with Zombie!



Brian Head Welch Author
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Brian 'Head' Welch is a founding member of the multiplatinum band Korn and frontman of Love and Death. He is the New York Times best-selling author of the book 'Save Me From Myself.' Brian has won multiple Grammys and MTV Music Awards and is currently active in both Korn and Love and Death, as well as traveling the country speaking. Follow Brian 'Head' Welch's schedule at and pick up Love and Death's recently released expanded edition of their debut album, 'Between Here & Lost,' at iTunes. Korn's new album, 'The Paradigm Shift,' came out Oct. 8, 2013, and can be ordered at iTunes.

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