Like most people, rockers are enjoying a little break from their daily jobs over the holidays, getting to spend time with family and loved ones. Loudwire recently spoke with Hellyeah guitarist Tom Maxwell about what it's like coming off the road and he also shared with us his favorite gift he ever got growing up and how it impacted the musician he's become today. Check out the chat below.

The holidays are a time when bands are mostly shutting things down and ending their touring for the year.  What it's like coming off the road and returning to your family?

It's a double edged sword. We love touring. When you tour has much as we have this past year, when you come to an end of a tour especially the one we just did with FFDP and Volbeat, we had been to Europe prior to that. So, we did Europe, came home boom --straight into that. We were gone a while. So by the last few weeks we were just spent, emotionally, physically, everything. We knew that we should take some time off. We had two months to just relax, chill out. It's great. But now we're itching. We're maybe a month into our little break and all of us are just like, man, can't wait to get back in.

It's cool man, I think if anything you need a few days, couple of weeks to just get your head back. For those of us who have families, believe me, they just want you to come home constantly. I have a little boy who just hates it when I leave but when I come home he's like joined at my hip. That makes it harder for me to leave but at the end of the day it's what I do and I love it. When we get back out there in February it's going to be awesome.

Do you have a favorite holiday memory or favorite gift?

I have a lot of great holiday memories but the one that always stands out forever that was the very catalyst of my life, a whole turning point. It was when I started playing guitar. I was about 8 years old. Your parents just get you what they can and my parents were into music. My father is a musician and he just went to get me the run of the mill starter amp and guitar, just to see if I had a passion for it. And I did and for a few years I just played constantly.

One Christmas, my uncle Timmy who passed a few years ago, but he showed up on Christmas and had a big box. He had given me his prized 1959 Gold Top Les Paul Deluxe. I still have that guitar, it was my first real guitar. I still have it. It's old and beat up from me abusing it over the years, but that guitar shaped me. I wrote a lot of great music on that guitar, I wrote a lot of stuff on our new album on that guitar. I still look at it with a lot of love and memory of stuff. 'Damn,' he said to me when he gave me the guitar. 'You want to play and learn? Here's how to learn how to play on a real guitar.' I'll never forget those words. He's responsible for a lot of my passion and push, so that memory will just stick with me forever.

Our thanks to Hellyeah's Tom Maxwell for sharing his holiday memories, and all the best to you and yours this holiday season.

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