There's a lot of downtime on the road and a lot of ways bands amuse themselves while touring. During his recent "acoustic songs and stories" show in Jacksonville, Aaron Lewis has opened up to the crowd about his onetime tourmates Hinder, sharing some rather disturbing moments of entertainment provided by their guitarist Joe "Blower" Garvey.

Lewis paints Garvey as quite the prankster, who especially had a fondness for jokes utilizing human feces. “He had all these little things that he would do. He did the ‘shit shoe,’ where he literally went into the bathroom before they would play their set -- this is how fucked up they were, they drank a lot, I just want to throw that out there. Before the set he went to the bathroom and he shit in his sock. In his sock. And he put his boot on and he went out and he played the set with ‘shit shoe’ and I thought it was the funniest fucking thing ever."

The singer continued, "Another time, because boredom is a big thing we suffer from when we’re on tour, he had a couple of his roadies shit a log in these big gang showers and he stepped on each log and he skated around the shower on it, and he called it the ‘shitty yamaguchi.’"

Lewis also recalls a stunt called the "Braveshart," where Garvey "got some on his hand and he put it on like war paint. And the thing is that he goes out and played the show afterwards. He went out and played the show with his own shit on his face like war paint. Don’t forget these stories because they’re true and his name is ‘Blower‘ and he played guitar and he did fucked up things.”

Garvey's jokes weren't all fecal-related, as Lewis also shared a story of the guitarist willingly letting him close a door on his testicles. "He stood in the bunk hallway, which is on one side of that Star Trek door. And a chick, holding his nuts, stood on the other side of the door," recalled Lewis. "Now mind you, the subject of this conversation is what hurts the most. So, this is the scenario: She’s got his nuts in her hand and they’re pulled as far as they’re gonna stretch. And he’s standing on one side of the Star Trek door on the carpet and she’s standing on the other side of the Star Trek on the tile, and I pushed the close button. And that fucking door closed and there was just two stretched nuts."

Lewis adds, "I pushed the lock button, and I left that stupid motherfucker there with his balls in the door for like a minute."

Aaron Lewis Reflects on Tour Stories With Hinder

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