"Metal Crush Mondays" on the SYFY network is coming to an end and in triumphant style, closing out with an interview clip featuring Slipknot legend Corey Taylor. In the exclusive video teaser, the singer recollected a life-changing moment where he saw his first horror movie trailer, triggering a lasting obsession with the film style.

Host Whitney Moore asked Taylor if horror or heavy metal entered his life first, which prompted him to look back at a pivotal moment in the movie theater as a youngster as he prepared to immerse himself in what's now a classic science fiction flick.

"It was horror actually," confirmed The Great Big Mouth.

"My mom took me to see the Gil Gerard [starring] Buck Rogers movie [1979's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century] when I was a kid. I must've been four or five," he continued, "but the trailer before the movie was John Carpenter's Halloween."

The singer then explained, "You just got these incredible visuals, this sense of it's autumn, it's Halloween and there's just this dude in the background of every shot. I can remember as a five-year-old just being transfixed. Like, I suddenly didn't care about Buck Rogers. I think it was the one moment in my life that really galvanized my taste in what my young mind thought was cool. It was actually a couple years later that I actually got to watch it and to this day it's one of my favorite movies."

Watch the interview clip below and catch the full interview on SYFY today (Aug. 24).

Obviously, the visuals of horror movies has had a lasting impact on Taylor, who had sported a number of frightening masks in Slipknot over the years. The singer even teamed up with horror FX legend Tom Savini to craft his latest mask as seen on the tour cycle for the band's latest album, We Are Not Your Kind.

As a lifelong lover of horror films, the Slipknot frontman was also featured prominently in the In Search of Darkness documentary film released last year.

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