In This Moment are gearing up once again to release a new record. In a new interview with frontwoman Maria Brink, she revealed ITM have been writing on the road and are dedicated to keeping their momentum rolling.

For over a decade, In This Moment have prided themselves on staying active, never letting more than a few years pass without a fresh album. Though the band spent much of 2018 on the road with Halestorm, they haven’t been slacking when it comes to productivity.

"Some of my band members are flying in here to Albany and they're gonna be writing with me for a few weeks here till the next Halestorm tour starts. It has begun. We're writing on the road as well. So it's all happening,” Brink tells New York’s Q103.

“We’re six albums in and we have the highest sales that we've ever had, we're getting the biggest offers we've ever had, we're climbing up to the top, we're headlining certain festivals. We can't believe it — we're the strongest we've ever been — so we don't wanna ruin our momentum and all of a sudden disappear for a really long time. We feel really empowered, we feel really creative and kind of excited. So we just wanna dive into it, we wanna start creating, we wanna start bringing all these things alive so that next summer we can be coming back out and just keeping this strength growing. And we love it and we live for it. So it kind of keeps us feeling alive."

Earlier this year, guitarist Chris Howorth said In This Moment were planning to enter the studio in February, which makes 2019 a likely release year for ITM’s seventh album.

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