On Loudwire's Gear Factor, powered by Sweetwater, we've brought you plenty of guitarists working through some of their favorite riffs, but it's time we show some love to the drummers out there as well. The Music Experience's Squiggy caught up with In This Moment's Kent Diimmel and got some background on the drum parts that got him into sitting behind the kit.

Reflecting on his beginnings in music, Diimmel points to a metal classic for introducing him to the kit, while also singling out a more modern rock favorite that he mastered early on. “I think it was the intro fill in ‘Iron Man’ by Black Sabbath,” says Diimmel. “That was just right in and the only other song that I could find at the time that I could possibly try to play was ‘Like a Stone’ by Audioslave.” Watch him sample a bit of both in the video.

Diimmel also reveals that probably his favorite song to play in the band's set is "Adrenalize." The drummer states, “’Adrenalize’ is super fun because it starts out with this really cool double bass part then it goes into the pre-verse and that pre-verse, the crowd is going off and it’s just a heavy groove and it’s awesome. It feels just larger than life.”

After rocking a bit of "Adrenalize," Squiggy pressed Diimmel for the song that causes him to take a deep breath before playing it due to its more complex nature. “That’s definitely gotta be ‘Sick Like Me,’" says the drummer. "Just the intro to that is more double bass stuff, but there’s some tricky fills over the top of it and when it gets into the verse, there’s a double bass pattern that switches, so instead of doing right foot lead on the double bass, you switch over to left foot, so it’s a little shaky. It catches you off guard.” To help aspiring drummers make sure they've got it down, Diimmel offers a demonstration.

In This Moment will be back in tour mode this May, hitting up a number of spring festivals along with playing their own shows. See their dates here. The band also was recently in the studio, and they're tentatively eyeing a summer release for their next album. If you're interested in following in Diimmel's footsteps or merely need a kit to see if you can master "Sick Like Me," be sure to visit Sweetwater.com.

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