In This Moment have continued to expand their boundaries with each album, but Maria Brink may be ready to showcase a different side of herself that perhaps doesn't fit under the In This Moment umbrella. During a recent chat with Metal Hammer, Brink revealed that she's contemplated the idea of doing a solo album.

When asked about her 2018 plans, the singer stated, “I'm actually thinking, for the first time, of doing a solo album. I'm starting to slowly write, no hard plans. I'm not exactly sure when I'm gonna do it, but it'll be more of the obscure, intimate, quiet side of me. Probably the only drums in it would be tribal drums and probably no distorted guitars. Just the softer side of me. That's who I am. Chris [Howorth] would not want to do an obscure, artistic, dreamscaping album. That's not who he is."

Brink said that she'd probably scale back the theatrics, adding, "It would be just me and a piano and one dress and candles all over the whole stage."

Speaking about the idea of performing without the band behind her, she stated, "It doesn't frighten me, it sounds amazing. I love change. I'm a Sagittarius and I love adventure and new beginnings. New experiences because it makes me feel like I'm living. When I play piano by myself and sing, something really special happens. I connect to something that I love. My favorite moment in our In This Moment set is when I go out by myself to play a song on the piano. That would be me being able to do that for a whole intimate set, and I think it would fill my soul.”

But before Brink tackles a solo project, there's still plenty of In This Moment activity on the books for 2018. The band will be playing dates in North America over the first five months of the year, with a handful of Euro festivals also planned in June. See all their dates here. The group also released their video for "Roots" earlier this fall, and the track has been steadily climbing the charts at rock radio.

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