Maria Brink has shown her spiritual side over the years while performing with In This Moment, and now she's joining with the community of witches, shamans, spiritualists and other practitioners in focusing their intent upon healing and bringing justice during this period of racial injustice.

In a series of tweets, Brink shared her support of the Black Lives Matter movement but in the midst of the tweets there was a call for all witches taking place on June 5, which is also the supermoon.

"Global action will be taken on the supermoon of June 5th by witches, shamans, brujas, rootworkers, spiritualists and every other practitioner and/or occultist," starts the post. "On the supermoon of June 5th we call everybody to focus your intent, do spellwork, light a candle, do what you find necessary to send protection, do healing and bring justice to injustice everywhere," reads the post. It also rallies healers of all levels, stating, "Let's help end this shit. From the inexperienced to the experienced, let's gather together," with the hashtags #juen5thglobalspiritualprotest and #spiritualprotest

While most protests have seen people taking to the streets to have their voices heard, the spiritual community is taking their action at a point where it might be most effective given everything aligning as it is about to on June 5.

June 5 is the Strawberry Lunar Eclipse. "This is the first eclipse on the Gemini and Sagittarius Nodal Axis, which means it’s setting the tone for the energy of the next year and a half," according to astrologer Lisa Stardust, who goes on to reveal, "A Lunar Eclipse falls on a Full Moon that is on the Lunar Nodes (AKA Nodal Axis of the Moon). During such luminaries, emotions are heightened, as we gain a deep understanding and clarity on matters. Being that this eclipse is in honorable and just Sagittarius, we can expect truths and injustices to be exposed on a global level."

As for a ritual, Stardust suggests, "Light purple candles to honor Jupiter (the planetary ruler of Sagittarius). Pray to the spirits to protect the protesters and for karma to boomerang back onto the individuals who have abused their power and privilege. In true Sagittarius form, assert your sentiments and frustrations about the state of the world. We all have to protect the greater good of the universe. We can and will bring change. It’s time. No more hate. No more silence.  It’s time for us all to speak up. The collective must and will be heard."

There was also this recently circulated meme amongst the witch community with a musical tie, speaking out on the current ills with hope for a #spiritualprotest.

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