Female-fronted metal band In This Moment are working on a new album, their fourth for longtime label Century Media. The band premiered the new song 'Blood' while onstage at the Soundwave Festival in Australia earlier this month. While Down Under, singer Maria Brink also shared key details about the material that the band has written for the new platter, which guitarist Chris Howorth revealed is due at the end of August.

"It's the best, dirtiest, most raw material we've ever brought," Brink, looking lovely in a lemon yellow dress, told Soundwave TV while clenching her firsts for extra effect. "It's gritty and real and stabs you in the side."

Those are qualities appreciated by most metal fans, so it sounds like In This Moment are on the right track as they hammer out new tunes.

Brink admitted that she harbors no hard feelings towards former drummer Jeff Fabb and ex-guitarist Blaze Bunzel, both of whom split from In This Moment to play with former 'American Idol' contestant James Durbin as members of his backing band. Still, the fact that they bolted did inspire the music she was writing on the as-yet untitled album. Essentially, it ignited a fire in her belly. She dubbed their exits completely shocking and surprising but conceded that "everyone has to take their own path. It was meant to be. It lit a fire in me that I can't even explain to you...I wouldn't have written the album we did if I didn't have that fire. I feel like I had to fight for my life with this album."

Some of the best art comes from the most trying circumstances and it sounds like that was the case for In This Moment's new album.

Watch Maria Brink Talk New Album to Soundwave TV