In This Moment are still going strong on the Black Widow album, but the idea of new music has started creeping into the picture for the band. Guitarist Chris Howorth and bassist Travis Johnson recently spoke with about their Black Widow album and also dropped a few hints about when we might see some new music from the group.

Speaking about the Black Widow album, now a full year removed from its release, Howorth stated, "I feel like Black Widow has been very strong and it's still going strong. We've seen a lot of growth through the cycle," while Johnson adds, "The growth and the crowd participation during the songs, the feeling of hype before we're getting ready to go onstage, you can just feel the energy. I'm stoked with the record thus far and it's still going strong."

The guys revealed that there's still plenty of touring on the horizon, but that they have a plan for the next album. Howorth revealed, "We are cooking. We are right now working on our plan. We have a European tour that's already happening in January, to start everything off, and then we're looking to do some more stuff in the States. And the wheels are starting to crank on new music that's gonna be happening; we all kind of know it, we're feeling it. So I personally am predicting we're gonna be hitting the studio sometime later 2016 to hopefully have something out before the end of the year or the beginning of 2017. So touring half the year, writing and recording latter half the year. It's kind of my loose prediction."

He went on to add that the pressure is on for bands, unless your Metallica or someone of that stature, to continually turn around new music. "You can't wait five-six years between albums; you have to keep product out there," says Howorth. "Cause people will hear it and you'll do the tours, they'll see it live. And the only way to generate more buzz and get that hype going and get that fuel jetting and all the press and people like you wanting to talk to us, we need new topics and new stuff, man, and that's why we've gotta keep pumping it out."

As stated, touring is very much at the forefront right now and the next leg of tour dates kicks off in January in Europe and the U.K. Dates can be found here.

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