In This Moment have been supporting Black Widow for over two years and rightfully so. The theatrical metal outfit with a pop bend have already been riding high on cuts like "Sex Metal Barbie," "Sick Like Me" and "Big Bad Wolf." While those all bring the band's unmistakable high-octane sound to the table, "The Fighter" and its music video highlights the opposite end of In This Moment's vast musical spectrum.

"The Fighter" is an incredibly moving and empowering track, boasting a melancholic piano lead and Maria Brink's soulful and impassioned vocal delivery. The lyrics deal with having the emotional fortitude to overcome dark situations and stand above anything that has happened as both a fighter and survivor rather than being a victim. Brink has served as a role model in the rock and metal community and "The Fighter" stands as one of her shining moments in this department.

On the surface, the video comes across as plain, but its point is clear and effective. Solely featuring Brink, her hair is tussled, mascara and eye shadow are both smeared, two red lines run parallel down her chin and black makeup is smeared over her arms, wrists, hands, neck and shoulders. Her facial expressions say it all, belting out the lyrics seemingly emanating from a deep and personal place.

The spring and summer will see In This Moment embark on extensive tours. They'll be headlining the 'Hell Pop' tour which will feature Hellyeah as direct support from June 18 - July 12. Just one week later, they'll head back out opening for co-headliners Korn and Rob Zombie between July 19 and Sept. 3. A full list of tour dates can be found at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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