Last week, Incubus fans took pause when it was reported that frontman Brandon Boyd had mentioned a possible break for the band in the future, but now the band’s manager has stepped forward to clarify the statement.

Manager Steve Rennie has confirmed that the band has no plans of actually taking a lengthy hiatus and that the quotes in the interview were misinterpreted a little bit. "Incubus has always taken a bit of a break after making an album and touring in support of it," explains Rennie to a CBS station. "After they finish the ... tour, they’ll have been on the road for a year and a half. Any band would need a break after that."

Loudwire sat in on a teleconference with both Brandon Boyd of Incubus and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park to discuss the upcoming Honda Civic Tour and here is what Brandon said that seemingly led to the break-up confusion.

When asked what was next for the band following the Honda Civic tour, Boyd responded, “Ummm… as far as that’s concerned, we have no plans, to tell you the truth at the moment. We are, for the first time since 1996, we are free agents again. We’re without a record label. So what we’re kind of doing is trying to get our bearings as to what we should do next, just as a band but also as a band that is kind of off in new territory again." He continued, "So I have been tinkering around potentially with a second solo record. That’s probably the most likely scenario. But as far as Incubus right now, we’ll probably take another break. Hopefully it won’t be as long. But what we like to do is arrive with the best of intentions and try and create music from a sense of urgency as well as purity and not necessarily based on a schedule. I know that that can be a little bit frustrating for our listeners and stuff. But I think that we’ll make better music as a result. So the plan is to have no plan.”

Later on in the conversation when asked about the secret to staying together after so many years and not growing on each others nerves, Boyd expressed nothing but gratitude and love for his bandmates, saying, “There’s also the understanding that it’s family, and it’s very much a familial thing. That even though there are times when they hurt your feelings or they might get on your nerves, essentially the majority of your experience with them is rooted in love. So as long as we can hold on to that sort of transcendent notion, everything usually is OK.”

He continued to explain his own personal take on handling adverse situations on the road and walking away with his band ‘family' still in tact, explaining, “And it’s OK to be angry at your family members sometime, and it’s OK for them to get on your nerves. The best thing to do, I think, is just to remember who you are. And understand the difference between a need to express frustrations and the difference between that and potentially your own ego, and little moments when your ego flares up for usually ridiculous reasons.”

The Honda Civic tour kicks off in a few days on Aug. 11 in Bristow, VA.