Word got out in May that Five Finger Death Punch were in the studio working on their eighth upcoming album. Shortly after, guitarist Zoltan Bathory teased that he had been working on "brutal riffs," implying the new album will be a return to their heavier side. We've now heard from frontman Ivan Moody, who claims this new album is the best music he's been a part of.

"The music in itself is turning into gold stars over us," Moody tells Loudwire Nights. "And there's no other way to put that. I'm just sitting there with the guys about a week ago, and we were running through a couple of tracks that we have so far. We were just speechless."

Though the singer calls it "utter bullshit" when artists call every new album their best, he firmly believes there is something special about this upcoming FFDP music. "This is hands down, thus far, the best music I have ever been a part of. I'll put it that way," he enthuses. "I am ecstatic, I cannot fucking wait. It's a whole new level of us."

Moody is open and honest about his past battles with alcoholism and his current sobriety, noting that writing and recording music without substances is a whole different experience for him. "It's refreshing, that's the best word for it. I feel alive, like I'm actually doing this again," says the singer.

To hear more about Moody's CBD line "Moody's Medicinals" and other updates about Five Finger Death Punch, listen to the full interview above.

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