Did Killswitch Engage just go reggae? Hardly, but it didn't stop Jesse Leach from having a little fun with his Instagram followers.

The singer posted video of a campfire with the tease, "Exclusive Killswitch Engage leak! I repeat HOLY HELL, new Killswitch, holy shit! Listen." Given the fact that just before the end of 2018 the band revealed that hey had finished recording their new album, there were likely plenty of clicks on Leach's Instagram video, but what they got was a reggae song with the singer belting "Smoke the weed." Check it out below.

"SIKE suckas, you gone hafta wait....," added Leach after spacing down considerably in the comments to hide his deception. The singer did admit however that it was him signing the reggae track with Adam Dutkiewicz producing the piece of music. He cautioned, "None of it is serious. Calm down I’m not doing reggae...yet ... AND Remember (legally appropriate people to say this too) 'smoke the weed don’t smoke the seed, cuz if you smoke the seed you’re gon kill your brain... yeah!'"

Finishing out the post, he continued rolling with, "This PSA was brought to you in part by the corporation for anticorporate broadcasting and by the partners and associates of 'we don’t give a shit what you think Inc.' #HashtagJokes and we love you."

Just prior to the calendar hitting 2018, Leach revealed that he had finished all vocals on the band's next album and that Dutkiewicz was in the process of mixing, editing and arranging the release. A title and release date have not been announced, but it is expected to arrive this year. Stay tuned for the real Killswitch Engage music coming soon.

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