Hail the Swamplord, Kalmah have returned.

Ready your mead for Palo, the eighth album from Finland's warriors of the natural world and their 21st century reign on festive melodic death metal. It's been five years since the horde issued Seventh Swamphony, so pull on your dancing boots and get down with "Evil Kin," the first song off the new record.

It's classic Kalmah with an on-the-hunt riff all basked in the glory of Finnish folk influences by way of industrial-leaning synths. The merrier melodies come in over the verse, which will undoubtedly draw comparisons to Children of Bodom for those new to the band. It's an engaging war of beauty and brawn not just trading off each other turn for turn, but in harmony at other times to keep things from getting predictable.

“Almost 30 years of swamp madness and here we are today representing our eighth album with fishing tridents sharpened shiny," states lead guitarist Antti Kokko. "The album stands strongly on the very roots of Kalmah sound yet introduces fresh breath from the Swamplord’s tar-stained lungs. 'Evil Kin' as the first single gives you riffs written back in 1991 blended with melodies of Kalmah today. It’s a perfect statement to show where we were and are right now.”

Palo is due April 6 through Spinefarm Records and pre-orders can be placed here. Check out the album art and track listing below for more details.

Kalmah, Palo, Artwork + Track Listing

Spinefarm Records
Spinefarm Records

01. "The Blood Ran Cold"
02. "Evil Kin"
03. "The World of Rage"
04. "Into the Black Marsh"
05. "Take Me Away"
06. "Paystreak"
07. "Waiting in the Wings"
08. "Through the Shallow Waters"
09. "Erase and Diverge"
10. "The Stalker"

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