In a star-studded compilation video congratulating Machine Head on their 30th anniversary as a band, Kerry King noted that his own band, Slayer, "quit too early."

Slayer's exhaustive farewell tour began on May 10, 2018 and came to an end on Nov, 30, 2019 after performing in countless cities across the globe one last time, 36 years after the release of their Show No Mercy debut and 38 years since the band's formation.

In the video, many artists wished Machine Head well and quipped that they looked forward to another 30 years of the band, though some posited it was more likely we'd all see another 10 or 20 years of activity from the group, which is led by 54-year-old guitarist and vocalist Robb Flynn.

"So, I hear congratulations are in order for my friends in Machine Head. Apparently, it's 30 years, which is quite an achievement. Not a lot of bands get there," said King before lamenting Slayer's decision to retire. "We did," added the guitarist in reference to Slayer having eclipsed the 30-year mark themselves, "and then we quit too early. Fuck us — I know. Fuck me. I hate fucking not playing."

Returning his focus to the celebration, King revealed, "I gotta say, I'm not sure Robb knows this — I think Robb knows this, but if you don't, here you go... the only band I ever demanded to open for Slayer was Machine Head — 1994, Burn My Eyes. Greatest thing I ever did. Cheers to my friends, you guys deserve it."

Although Slayer's career is firmly in the rear view mirror, it does not appear that we've heard the last from King, who last summer suggested new music was inevitable, just not from Slayer.

"I've been very, very lucky with riffs in 2020. Maybe because I can't go anywhere — I don't know — but riffs have certainly not been a problem. And looking forward into the future, what that means for me is I'm gonna be able to cherrypick the best stuff. And it's good stuff. I've got more than two records' worth of music, but to be able to go through that and cherrypick the best 11 or 12 ... That first record should be smoking," he said in an interview with Dean Guitars.

Offering further insight, King continued, "Right now, I'm the only lyricist, because I'm the only one writing music, because I'm not positive who everybody is that's gonna be playing with me," he said. "So it's all on me at the moment. So, actually, I've actually gotta cherrypick those songs, pick my 10 or 12 favorites and actually start trying to put lyrics on them, just to move the process forward."

Meanwhile, Machine Head's latest release came earlier this year via the three-track Arrows in Words From the Sky EP.

Rock + Metal Musicians Congratulate Machine Head on Their 30th Anniversary


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