Sometimes pieces of music have such a large impact on people that they want to see it transformed into a different type of media. Director Kevin Smith says he'd make a movie out of My Chemical Romance's anthemic hit, "Welcome to the Black Parade."

Smith made his choice on the podcast he co-hosts with journalist Marc Berndarin, Fatman Beyond, in the latest, appropriately titled episode, "Live From the Quarantina." A fan asked what song he'd make a movie out of, and the director looked to none other than MCR.

"Such an epic song," Smith explained. "I’m building Clerks 3 around that song so this is actually a great question for me right now.” That's not the only connection the band have to the movie, though. A few months ago, the director revealed that frontman Gerard Way is going to score the upcoming movie as well.

Listen to the podcast episode below.

This past fall, Smith told The Wrap that the third film in the Clerks franchise is based on the heart attack he suffered back in 2018.

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