A video of Kid Rock guest DJing at Donald Trump Jr.'s 2022 Christmas party emerged over the weekend. One Twitter account suggested the clip showed the musician as he "struggled to figure out the DJ equipment."

In addition to his music, Kid Rock is known for his support of former President Donald Trump, Don Jr.'s father. The rap-rock singer and country artist has performed at a Trump rally and even golfed with the former president.

See the DJ video near the bottom of this post.

The footage of Kid Rock helping to entertain Donald Trump Jr.'s holiday party was originally shared by Don Jr. himself on Instagram. Subsequently, the video was then spread across YouTube and social media. On Twitter, the account @patriottakes wrote:

Don Jr. posted a video of Kid Rock 'taking over the DJ booth' at his Christmas party and then continued streaming as Kid Rock struggled to figure out the DJ equipment.

In the clip from the Dec. 2 party, Kid Rock occupies the DJ booth as the person presumed to be the party's actual DJ assists him. After giving a frustrated glance at a laptop, Kid Rock eventually seems to get the hang of it. He delights partygoers with a record scratch before letting the needle drop on Al Green's early-'70s soul classic "Let's Stay Together."

"Kid Rock's taken over the DJ booth, folks!" Don Jr. exclaims.

Kid Rock released his 12th album, Bad Reputation, earlier this year. The singer will play at Barefoot Country Music Fest in Wildwood, New Jersey, on June 18, 2023. Get Kid Rock tickets here.

Kid Rock Helps DJ at Donald Trump Jr.'s Christmas Party - Dec. 3, 2022

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