Kid Rock will have a bigger profile during the latter portion of 2017, as the rocker has been chosen to open the new Little Caesars Arena in his home base of Detroit and he's hoping to have a new album ready to coincide with the occasion.

Speaking at a press conference, Rock told reporters, "Yeah, we'll have a record ... before the shows, yes. That's the plan now." Rock will actually play four shows -- Sept. 12, 13, 15 and 16 -- that will serve as the grand opening of the new Detroit-based venue.

As for the new music, Rock revealed that he's been working on the set in Nashville and he told Billboard, "It's kind of going back to Rock n Roll Jesus, Devil Without a Cause. I've got a lot of different things on there -- big rock songs, rootsy sounding stuff, hardcore rap stuff, kind of all over the board. I do have a lot of songs but I'm not sure what I'm going to put on the record or how I'm going to release it yet. It's like the Wild West right now, so we'll see."

Rock revealed that it's his intent to play sporadically in the lead up to the album, waiting until after the disc is released before scheduling a full-fledged tour. The musician also contemplated the possibility of developing something with Little Caesars Arena similar to the monthly shows Billy Joel has performed with Madison Square Garden in New York. "We haven't gotten into the nuts and bolts about it yet, but we definitely spoke about it. We may be able to see this be like a Billy Joel thing. That would definitely be interesting," stated Rock.

Stay tuned for info on Kid Rock's next album and 2017 touring as it becomes available.

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