As the race for the GOP presidential nomination heats up, Mitt Romney pulled out a big gun to help sway the voters in his home state of Michigan by asking Kid Rock to close out his final Michigan appearance before the primary Tuesday (Feb. 28).

Mitt Romney held a rally at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on Monday (Feb 27), which served as his final speaking engagement before the Republican primary elections begin in Michigan. The presidential hopeful begins and ends all of his events by playing fellow Michigander Kid Rock's 'Born Free,' but fans at the Royal Oak, Michigan event yesterday got an unexpected upgrade.

Instead of blasting the freedom rock anthem over the loud speakers, Kid Rock himself came to the stage and performed the title track from his 2010 album. "I asked him whether he might come here tonight," Romney told the crowd prior to Rock's entrance. "I'm happy to introduce a son of Detroit, a friend, a guy who makes great music, who introduces me by DVD everywhere I go — Kid Rock!"

According to the Associated Press, gaining Kid Rock's acceptance was no simple task. Rock reportedly grilled Romney for over an hour, asking questions pertaining to his plans for the State of Michigan, the City of Detroit, and his support of our troops.

Though 'Born Free' is probably one of the most wholesome Kid Rock songs, Romney was asked for his feelings about Rock's more racy material in an interview with WXYT. "I think that he makes some pretty good music and I like listening to his music," said Romney. "And when I listen to the people who provide music I don't actually try to assess their personal family values. I listen to their music."

Kid Rock just announced that he will perform with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at a benefit show this May, with hopes of raising one million dollars in funds for the struggling institution.