Jesse Leach's first tenure with metalcore legends Killswitch Engage was brief yet effective and fans were eager for his return to the band following the departure of Howard Jones. The band's Beyond the Flames: Home Video Volume II documentary chronicles everything to do with Leach within the band, from his initial departure to his ultimate return, and they've teamed up with Loudwire to share an exclusive clip that can be seen in the video above.

Killswitch Engage discuss playing four shows in their home area in 2010, possibly as a four-piece outfit or even with Leach returning to the stage. The singer was apprehensive at first about performing the Howard Jones material, stating he "couldn't really relate to some of that stuff." However, Leach accepted the offer to do those four gigs, and after Jones' departure in 2012, Leach returned to the band as a full-time member and he has recorded and released two more studio albums with Killswitch.

“We are pleased to show people the journey we have been on as a band,” says Leach of the Beyond the Flames: Home Video Volume II release. “From the first show to even the last one we played recently, I know I have much more to learn and to offer as a musician and a lyricist. I am proud of all we have done since my first day returning to this band. However, I am certain we have just started to gain momentum and find our groove together. We are honored to be in and are dedicated to this band and wherever the future takes us. I hope people can see us for who we really are. We are just five guys who love to make music and love our fans.”

Fans can purchase Killswitch Engage's Beyond the Flames: Home Video Volume II at the band's webstore. The release features a 75 minute documentary on Leach's return, as well as footage from 17 separate performances, including the frontman's first show back with the band.

Catch Killswitch out on the road next year as they continue to support their newest album, Incarnate. They'll be co-headlining with Anthrax with The Devil Wears Prada opening each night. For a list of all stops, head to our Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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