After a long and prosperous 22-year run with Down, guitarist Kirk Windstein exited the act to focus 100 percent on fronting Crowbar. According to a new interview with Windstein, he admits to asking bassist Pat Bruders to make that same decision, which is why Bruders is no longer manning the low end for Crowbar.

According to Windstein himself, leaving Down to devote his energy strictly to Crowbar was a legitimate risk with financial repercussions. “You have some people who said I should have stuck around with Down," Windstein tells Ghost Cult Mag. "People think I’m nuts, but I’m not. I believe in Crowbar. Even though Down’s a bigger band…you know who our crew is? My wife. She works for free. As much money as I made with Down…I work a lot harder."

On Oct. 1, 2013, Windstein informed fans of his intention to focus on Crowbar exclusively via the band's Facebook page. What fans didn't know at the time was Pat Bruders was approached to either follow Windstein's lead or choose between Crowbar and Down.

“I kind of gave him [Bruders] an ultimatum," Windstein shares. "I said I’m only doing Crowbar. If you want to stay in Down I understand that. But I said you can’t be in both. I’m happy and that’s all that counts. We have Jeff [Golden]. He’s a great guy and he’s one of my best friends now and he rocks with the band with us now.”

Check out the full interview with Kirk Windstein at Ghost Cult Mag.

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