Exactly seven months after Korn began to tease the metal world with their first dubstep-inspired single, 'Get Up!' the band's 10th album, 'The Path of Totality' was finally released today (Dec. 6). To tie the whole experience together, Korn recently spoke with Billboard to share their insight with a track-by-track commentary of the entire 'The Path of Totality' album.

Having collaborated heavily with electronic artists such as Noisia, Downlink and Skrillex, Korn proved that they still had something special to offer with their latest full-length release. "I think the rock world is really stale," claims Korn frontman Jonathan Davis. "The basis of our band has always been about experimenting and pushing the envelope."

Korn guitarist Munky spoke in-depth about the second track of the album, 'Kill Mercy Within.' "They (Noisia) sent us this riff they had written on a keyboard -- you wouldn't normally write a riff like this on a guitar, because it's sort of all over the neck. And this was challenging to recreate, but that riff is something that I've never heard anything like."

The band also described the birth of 'The Path of Totality' coming from the first single off the album, 'Get Up!' "That was the very first song we wrote of the experiment, so that song means a lot to us,' explains Davis. "That was the first time we did it… It was really just a work in progress. We didn't know what the hell we were doing, we were just going with what felt right."

Korn is finishing up their North American tour tonight with a show in Hollywood, Calif. Check out our review of 'The Path of Totality' here.

Watch Korn Talk About 'The Path of Totality'