It can be hard to keep up with all of the new bands that emerge every day, so lately, we've been taking advice from some of the greats. Brian "Head" Welch gave some new Korn updates in a new interview with Spotlight Report, but he also chose four new bands he recommends readers check out.

"I really like the band Spiritbox, bro you gotta listen to that band. Listen to the song called 'Holy Roller' and actually listen the whole record [Eternal Blue]. It's the most melodic, beautiful music. It’s a bit Evanescence-ish. You gotta check it, don’t stop until you listen to that band," Head enthused.

"There's another band called Holding Absence that is pretty cool. Siamese is another I’ve been checking out. Sleep Token is very trippy — there, you got a few for you and your readers to check out," he added.

We'd have to agree with Head on these suggestions — Loudwire named Spiritbox's Eternal Blue the 2021 Album of the Year.

Later in the discussion, Head also offered some advice for aspiring musicians, and started by encouraging them to write as many songs as possible in order to get better at it.

"Secondly, find something unique, because when we started back in '93 or '94 with Jonathan [Davis]... he told us about his dad having a music store and he took bagpipes in high school," the rocker recalled. "We were like, 'Dude you gotta play bagpipes for Korn!,' and he was like, “Really?' We were like, 'Yes! You have to bring those things out.'

"That was totally unique back in the day. People were like, 'Look at that band with dreadlocks, [they're] heavy,' and then this guy brings out these bagpipes. People were wondering what was going on. They were intrigued, and they couldn't look away because it was so odd."

Korn's latest album Requiem just came out a couple of days ago, and they'll be heading out on tour with Chevelle and Code Orange next month. The run kicks off March 4 in Springfield, Mo. See the rest of the dates here.

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