Our friend Brian ‘Head’ Welch recently came by to visit and spoke all about Korn’s new album, The Serenity of Suffering!

For Welch, The Serenity of Suffering is a more significant release than Korn’s 2013 full-length, The Paradigm Shift. When the guitarist rejoined Korn in 2013, he went right back into the studio with his bandmates. Now that three years have passed with Head touring the globe with his band of brothers, The Serenity of Suffering represents the chemistry he has built back up with Korn.

“We were focused more [on The Serenity of Suffering]. We were like, ‘What’s Korn about?’ and it was always about the live shows — the intensity live. That’s what we tried to capture on this record, to have fun live shows. The other record [The Paradigm Shift] was cool, I still like the songs on it, but the songs didn’t really translate live. Some of them did, just not all of them.”

Much of The Serenity of Suffering speaks to the comfort one can find (and be trapped by) in their own depression. “I think Jonathan [Davis, vocals] finds a serenity in suffering,” Head says. “He’s so nice, the guy is so sweet and he lets people kind of walk over him, even to this day … He’s a special guy, man. No one is perfect, but he’s just a really nice guy. I feel bad for him, but it seems to work out good for Korn. [Laughs]”

Check out our full interview with Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch in the video above! Korn’s The Serenity of Suffering is available now, so click here to grab a copy!

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