When it comes to late-night talk shows, it seems like 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' is the program to catch great acts performing. From Megadeth to Slipknot to Judas Priest, the 'Kimmel' show has had some major talent on its stage. Last night, Korn performed 'Narcissistic Cannibal' and 'Get Up!' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Love them or hate them, Korn made some serious waves in 2011 with their tenth studio album 'The Path of Totality.' Infused with dubstep and electronica, the band collaborated with acts such as Kill the Noise (who appeared played on the Kimmel performances) and recent Grammy nominee for Best New Artist, Skrillex.

Korn delivered very tight and finely executed performances of their two 'Path of Totality' hits last night. The balance of rock and dubstep was steady during the two songs, allowing audiences to hear the electronic leads while Munky (who we recently interviewed) was able to keep his guitar parts at the forefront of the songs without being buried by the mass of noise.

Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis also gave an impressive performance, bringing a sharpness to his voice that even exceeded his vocals at the band's recent New York City concert.

Korn are set to begin the second leg of their 'Path of Totality' tour with special guest Kill the Noise on Feb. 23, followed by an extensive European tour beginning in mid-March.

Watch Korn's 'Narcissistic Cannibal' on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Watch Korn's 'Get Up!' on Jimmy Kimmel Live!