Last year, Korn revealed that they would play some 20th anniversary shows honoring their self-titled debut disc. Friday (March 13) at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, the band decided to break into the disc in its entirety, and that includes the rarely played song "Daddy."

Davis stated in a radio interview last fall that part of the reason that "Daddy" has rarely turned up in shows is because of its personal nature to him. But even though he once vowed it would never be played live, he's decided to bring it back in order to salute the album in its entirety. The song itself is reportedly about Davis' real-life experience of being molested as a child and having his parents not believe that it had happened.

In the comments below the fan-posted video, it's revealed that Davis started tearing up at the end of the song and there was a brief pause before the show continued.

Korn are not playing the self-titled record at every show on their itinerary, but are saving the special set list primarily for their festival appearances. To see their upcoming shows, click here.

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