If you're a big fan of Korn, then you likely know that the only lyric in the Life Is Peachy opening track "Twist" is, well, "twist." Otherwise, it's full of Jonathan Davis' signature scatting. Channeling his inner Davis, a young Korn fan uploaded a video scatting the song during a high school karaoke performance.

The fan, whose name is Chris, posted a TikTok that has since gained a lot of traction. "My school wanted to have a normal karaoke day," he wrote at the start of the clip, which shows him snarling on a stage behind a podium, with the Life Is Peachy album art displayed on a screen behind him. "Not on my watch," he added.

Then, a woman, who was apparently his school principal, asked him to take it down a notch.

"Chris, that's way too loud. Do not get that close to the mic," she said.

Chris took a step back, and continued scatting. Some of his classmates laughed, but you can imagine others were probably flabbergasted by the sounds he made.

The video has garnered over 1.5 million views since it was uploaded. Check it out for yourself below.

Davis would definitely be proud of Chris for his efforts. If you've seen Korn in recent years, you may have noticed that the frontman doesn't scat much anymore. Back in March, he acknowledged that he's cut down on the vocal technique, as well as playing the bagpipes.

"I don’t do the bagpipes a lot and I don’t do the fucking scatting a lot because everybody wants me to, and if I do it too much it’s gonna burn out," the singer told the Daily Beast. "When I do it it’s special. I do it on every record, it’s just on one song and not throughout everything."

If you're looking to catch Davis and Korn on tour, you can get tickets here. They're hitting the road with Evanescence, Helmet, Palaye Royale, P.O.D. and more starting Aug. 16.

Korn Fan Scats 'Twist' During High School Karaoke Performance

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