Korn guitarist Munky took some time to chat with Full Metal Jackie during the Loudwire Nights host's recent trip to the 2015 Welcome to Rockville Festival. In the interview, Munky speaks about his love for Faith No More, performing Korn's self-titled debut album in its entirety, getting conceptual for the next album and much more!

How are you?

I'm good, it feels like I just saw you here.

I feel like we did, actually I just saw you the other night at Faith No More out in Los Angeles. It was a frickin' phenomenal show.

They can do no wrong by me. They sound great. I like their new stuff, too. It fits right in with the old stuff, I think.

They could have put out a turd and we'd be like, 'That's awesome!'

I think everyone is so excited to hear them and see them playing together again, I know a couple of the guys, they're great guys and phenomenal musicians. To me, they're not a metal band. They always say they're not a metal band. I've always kind of felt that way about Korn.

They inspired Fieldy and I to start a band and start playing. That was back in 1987, so it's inspiring that not only are they still going, but they sold out that place three nights in a row. It gives guys like me hope. [Laughs]

Korn has been around for quite some time. You're continuing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of your debut album and there's a 20th anniversary tour. Tell us what it's like reflecting and playing the self-titled record in its entirety.

You can tell we were just kids and we were developing, uncovering and polishing a sound that we didn't know was going to take off so much. A lot of other bands -- guys in bands come up to me now. Young bands say, "You've inspired us." I'm starting to get that, seeing a lot of the fans come with their kids kind of bridging a generation. It's a trip. Playing the songs are a lot of fun because they're kind of kooky with the structures and sometimes it doesn't make sense, but at the time it did. It's a lot of fun. It brings back a lot of good memories.

Korn has always been a part of festivals like Mayhem Fest, your own Family Values tours and here at Welcome to Rockville. What makes this atmosphere perfect for a band like Korn?

Well today it's the mud. It has a feeling. You can't see so many bands all in one place. I think that's a buy one get one free kind of deal. I think that's what our fans want to see, other bands and I think this is a treat for them to get to see us play our first album. Those songs on that record aren't our biggest songs but they pack a punch.

What's the one thing about being in a band that you wish you had known when you started?

The travel. I find myself on a lot of airplanes, vans and in airports sitting for long periods of time. You have to keep busy. Either bring something to write with or make sure your phone or your iPad or computer is charged up. You find yourself in hotel rooms for hours and I did not know that. Had I known that? I'd still be doing this. I just wasn't aware it was so tedious with the waiting. There's a lot of waiting.

Maybe someday they'll figure out a way to beam you to the show every night and you can stay home.

I prefer to be here. With the rain and everything, the waiting; there's something about a live performance. Thank God the fans have supported bands no matter what. That's a loyalty that we're super grateful for.

Korn fans are pretty diehard, they've followed you from the start. It's awesome to watch a crowd at a Korn show. It must be a cool feeling for you.

I can't believe it. I look over at the other guys and I'm like, "Damn, this s--t is still going on! This is f---ing cool!" We're pretty excited. It's exciting to let the people see the first record, man. That's when it all started.

Korn has always been adventurous with music. What direction has the band yet to explore that you'd like to try?

I think we just continue to grow as songwriters, so I don't know. We've gone in every direction except for country and I don't think that's going to happen for Korn, but I know there's been some remix stuff. I think we'll probably explore some of what we left off on the last record. Maybe a little more conceptual, that's kind of my goal for the next writing sessions, when those begin. Coming up with a theme and sticking with that theme throughout the touring cycle and record cycle.

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