We've got a must-see video for all you Korn fans out there, both old-school and new-school. Korn will release their 11th studio album, 'The Paradigm Shift,' on Oct. 8. This marks Korn's first album in 10 years to feature guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch, and packaged with the deluxe version of the album will be a documentary titled 'Reconciliation.' Although the documentary won't be available for another month, we've got the exclusive preview right here at Loudwire (watch above).

Korn's 'Reconciliation' documentary will deliver an inside look into Welch's reunion with Korn, which began at the 2012 Carolina Rebellion Festival. Head checked out the festival at the insistence of his daughter, but little did he know that his attendance would be the catalyst for his reunion with Korn.

In the documentary trailer, Welch shares his reasons for quitting Korn. "In 2005, it's a blur because I was on like three different kinds of methamphetamine, but all I know is I wasn't happy, I didn't like being in the band, I didn't like most of the guys and I didn't like myself more than anything," admits Welch. "Being a drug addict, not liking your surroundings and trying to raise a daughter all at the same time; it just doesn't really work. Something needed to give. Something needed to change and I didn't care what the cost was gonna be. I needed to live. I needed to come back to life because I was almost dead."

The trailer continues to showcase Welch reconnecting with his musical brothers at Carolina Rebellion, leading to his special guest performance of 'Blind' that very night. Although Head's cameo was originally thought to be a one-time deal, the guitarist is now a permanent member of Korn once again, both on the upcoming album 'The Paradigm Shift' and on tour.

The trailer for 'Reconciliation' will entice Korn fans in a truly unique way, and if this clip represents the documentary in spirit, 'Reconciliation' will surely become an essential piece of Korn's history. Check out the exclusive trailer for 'Reconciliation' in the video above! Also, enter below to win the deluxe edition of 'The Paradigm Shift' along with an album poster. You can also pre-order 'The Paradigm Shift' at iTunes by clicking here. And if you'd like to catch Korn on tour this fall, click here to see their current itinerary.

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