Korn drummer Ray Luzier has revealed the release date for the act's upcoming 11th studio album. Korn's newest effort will be their first to feature guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch in 10 years, and the record will see a Sept. 24 release.

The band hasn't shared the title of the 2013 album yet, but singer Jonathan Davis has called it Korn's best album yet. The last Korn album to feature Head was the band's 2003 full-length, 'Take a Look in the Mirror,' which featured tracks such as 'Did My Time,' 'Y'all Want a Single?' and 'Right Now.'

Luzier broke the news via his Instagram account, posting a picture of the current Korn lineup (minus Jonathan Davis) with the text:

Korn press Konference in France, we played them parts of 2 new songs off our SIC new record coming out Sept 24th. #korntour2013 #kornfans #korn #korn2013 #fieldy #brianheadwelch #munky #jdevil

It's been a long, long time since Head was in the studio with Korn, but perhaps not surprisingly, the writing and recording process was incredibly easy according to Korn guitarist James 'Munky' Shaffer.'

"It came together from one show we did at the Carolina Rebellion and from there we just stayed in contact," Munky told us at the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Awards. "And our manager said, 'How do you feel about 'Head' coming back to the studio and seeing how it goes?' I said, 'Absolutely.' After that one show it was like, 'Wow!' You just don't realize how much you miss somebody until you see them again and you experience the chemistry for one song in front of a giant crowd. That's how it started and from there we just started writing songs. Song after song, idea after idea and we recorded 20 songs."

Stay tuned for further updates on Korn's upcoming 11th studio album, as well as our own interview with Ray Luzier coming up soon!