Korn are two decades into their career and still as prolific as ever. Age has not managed to slow down the pioneering group and 'The Paradigm Shift' will mark the band's 11th studio album. Now the band has unveiled the disc's intriguing artwork and full track list.

The music world is eager to hear what the band has in store since this is the first Korn album to feature renowned guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch since 2003's 'Take a Look in the Mirror.' The axeman departed the band in 2005, but now has not only made his return to the studio with the band, but has hit the stage as well, warming up for what will presumably be an extensive touring venture in support of 'The Paradigm Shift.'

In a recent interview with Loudwire, drummer Ray Luzier spoke about what it is like to be on stage now that Head is back, stating, "The energy is insane, this is my sixth year with the band so since I got this gig I’ve always envisioned and dreamed about the four original guys up front and me in the back just as a personal fan of the band for so many years. For that having come true and him being on the record and writing was a blast and when we started rehearsals for this run, it became apparent to me – there just something about the individual uniqueness of all of them."

He adds, "No one plays bass like Fieldy, no one on the planet sings like Jon Davis and no one plays guitar like Munky and Head."

Fans anxiously awaiting the album can pick up Korn's 'The Paradigm Shift' when it drops via Prospect Park Records on Oct. 1.

Korn, 'The Paradigm Shift' Track Listing:

1. ‘Prey for Me’
2. ‘Love & Meth’
3. ‘What We Do’
4. ‘Spike in My Veins’
5. ‘Mass Hysteria’
6. ‘Paranoid and Aroused’
7. ‘Never Never’
8. ‘Punishment Time’
9. ‘Lullaby for a Sadist’
10. ‘Victimized’
11. ‘It’s All Wrong’
12. ‘Wish I Wasn’t Born Today’ (bonus track on deluxe edition)
13. ‘Tell Me What You Want’ (bonus track on deluxe edition)