Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe is headed for the silver screen! The pure American metal singer is bringing his acting chops all the way to Taiwan to appear in a feature film. Even cooler, the movie is being made by Taiwanese metal band Chthonic.

Randy Blythe is a busy man. Along with constantly updating his Instagram account with in-depth written pieces, Blythe is soon to release his 'Dark Days' memoir, which delves into Blythe's controversial Czech manslaughter trial and imprisonment. A free man, Randy Blythe can embark on any project he desires, and this time around, he's working with Chthonic for a new film.

Blythe wrote all about his trip to Taiwan and first day on set via Instagram:

First day at a new job. Ok, despite the fact that I love running all over Asia, taking pictures, & eating, I am really here to WORK. This is my friend Doris & I earlier today on the set of a movie that she & her band, Chthonic are making. Chthonic are from Taiwan, & they have been good friends of mine since we did Ozzfest '07 together. Three years ago they flew me over to sing a few songs with them at a show they held in an ancient temple in the mountains of Taiwan, then me & my wife kicked it here for two weeks on vacation- Taiwan is a beautiful island, one of the hidden jewels of Asia I believe, & I couldn't wait to come back. Then earlier this year Freddy (Chthonic's singer) asked me "Hey, do you wanna be in an action movie we are making?" Let's see, lemme think about tha- UM, YES. So I flew here from Japan after Knotfest & started filming today. The movie is supposed to primarily be a comedy with lots of action & knowing Chthonic, a bit of politics- without giving away too much of the plot, let's just say there is a bit of civil unrest my character & the star of the movie (who is a really famous actor in Taiwan) participate in. I'll put some behind the scenes shots up as I get time- early call for the set tomorrow, so I'm gonna crash. PS- these are not my sunglasses- I'm supposed to look "Rock Star-ish" & my regular clothes weren't rock star enough (I guess the Army surplus store on the Southside of RVA doesn't carry rock star duds, hahaha)- the sunglasses kinda make feel 1970's Asian film star though- kinda like late era-Bruce Lee. But a lot taller. And not Asian. And without being able to crush someone's chest with a one inch punch. Dammit! Ok, so I'm not like Bruce Lee at all, hahaha. Still, it's gonna be FUN. PPS- no, there is no English title for the movie... YET. I'll let y'all know when there is one.

Yesterday (Nov. 18), Mesa Engineering reported that Lamb of God have begun the writing process for their ninth studio album. Stay tuned for more updates on that as more info is released.

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