Last year, fans still in shock from the death of influential Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch gathered together in New York's Union Square to share their memories of the late emcee, and this year the second annual 'MCA Day' is set to take place in Brooklyn to salute Yauch's memory.

This year's event is set to take place this coming Saturday (May 4) marking the one-year anniversary of Yauch's passing. Brooklyn's Littlefield performance and art space will host the event, which will feature a number of visual installations. AllHipHop reports that the exhibition will include rare pre-fame photos of MCA, Mike D and Ad-Rock taken by Glen E. Friedman, along with a number of photos from Sunny Bak, who shot the band's famous World's Fair Globe photo in Queens. In addition, Brooklyn artist Michael "Mr. Klaves" McLeer will be on hand to show some of his work and fans will have an opportunity to present their pieces as well.

The Beastie Boys fanthology project, Keep It On and On, will also provide pieces of art designed by fans. For those unable to make it to the event, the fan art will remain posted at the organization's Facebook page here throughout the weekend.

The event will also feature a number of DJs and breakdancing crews on hand for entertainment.

In related news, Palmetto Playground in Brooklyn Heights, where Yauch played as a child, will be renamed the Adam Yauch Playground in a ceremony this Friday (May 3). "Adam Yauch Playground would be a much more fitting name since he actually hung out there, and it would be a great testament to a great leader and musician,' says Councilman Steve Levin.

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