Here at Loudwire, we've been bringing you numerous anniversary pieces celebrating some of the biggest albums in rock and metal. But saluting classic albums is not just limited to us, as Late Night With Seth Meyers showed during a segment Monday night (June 22).

As Meyers was teasing what was coming up on the show, he was interrupted by a greasy-haired, goateed, Boston Celtics jersey and chain wearing "weird guy" in the audience who brought it to the hosts attention that it was the 16th anniversary of Limp Bizkit's second album, Significant Other.

"Everybody in this audience is like, 'When is he going to talk about it?,'" before pointing to an older man in the crowd and stating, "He won't shut up about it." Meyers stated that he had skipped over it because "I guess I'm not so sure it is that important of an album and I feel like if it was, it's not worth celebrating the 16th anniversary of anything."

But that didn't stop the "weird guy," as he began to offer his own tribute scrawled out on pages of yellow paper. Offering platitudes that Significant Other "created the sound that would define a generation" and stating that Fred Durst was "a young man who was born with the gift of seeing the world just a little bit differently," the guy continued until cut off by Meyers and revealing he still needed four more hours.

Check out the sketch in full above.

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