Life of Agony will put out their first album in 12 years, A Place Where There’s No More Pain, on April 28. To talk more about the record, we sat down with vocalist Mina Caputo, bassist Alan Robert and guitarist Joey Z to get into the gritty details.

Life of Agony’s hardcore fan base runs deep. Though it’s been over a decade since Broken Valley came out, fans flocked back when LoA announced their reunion in 2014. They also met Mina Caputo for the first time after Keith Caputo transitioned from male to female in 2011. “That was the rebirth of the band in a big way with Mina coming out and revealing who she really is to the world,” said Joey Z.

It may come as a surprise to some, but A Place Where There’s No More Pain wasn’t deeply inspired by Mina’s transition. “I did that in 2012 with my solo release As Much Truth as One Can Bear. That was really my protest album,” Caputo explains. “With this record… Life of Agony is notorious for generalizing. If you had a private issue, we’d write your issue in a generalized, universal way. We’ve all got a story and we’ve all got to be loved and respected and honored for the story we’re trying to write out or the story that’s writing us as we go.”

Joey Z adds, “The name of the record, A Place Where There’s No More Pain — we’re trying to create that room. That title is a very inviting title for our listeners. Come on in, we know everything is f—ked. We know that, we live it as well, you’re safe with us.”

Check out our interview with Life of Agony above and be sure to pre-order A Place Where There’s No More Pain.

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