It’s been almost six years since Life of Agony vocalist Keith Caputo began living as Mina Caputo. Fans were stunned when Caputo came out as transgender, but accepted Mina’s change almost immediately. In 2017, transgender issues are being discussed more than ever before, so we picked Caputo’s brain on transgender acceptance in today’s society.

We began by speaking about Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace, who transitioned from male to female in 2012, the year after Caputo. In the past five years, Grace has written a book and even appeared on The Daily Show, so we asked Caputo if she wanted to play a similar role.

“I think just by being me I am [an advocate for trans issues]. I’ve been doing what I can, I help people privately. I’ve had many fans come out to me, personally, I have many fans that are married with trans children and I’m directing them, things I don’t really talk about on Twitter. I don’t have to prove to the world how much I’m doing for my community … Laura’s doing incredible work, but I’m not really asked. GLAAD’s not coming to me. When I’m asked, I’d be happy to help.”

Caputo also spoke about transsexuality in nature. “In the male’s late years, the clownfish turns female. The male seahorse fertilizes itself and bares its young and takes care of the young. There’s all different kinds of butterfly species that go from male to female, female to male. This is the chaos of nature.”

Caputo also spoke of hypocrisy within our political system that suppresses the rights of gay and trans people. “Let's be real, all these lawmakers that are enforcing all these f—ked up laws on all these people, they’re the first people that are getting their d—ks sucked by a transsexual or a gay guy,” Caputo says. “They have their political parties with a big pile of coke on the table, you’ve got the boy toys in the chains, whoyacallit’s getting his d—k sucked.”

Check out our interview with Life of Agony above and be sure to pick up a copy of A Place Where There’s No More Pain on April 28.

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