What if you took all the heavy Wes Borland guitar licks, John Otto's recognizable percussion and Sam Rivers' bass and DJ Lethal's turntable work out of the Limp Bizkit classic "Break Stuff" and replaced it with … say … the theme from Seinfeld? Guess what? It still surprisingly works.

Take a listen as mashup creator JJ P takes the light and bouncy, mouth-noise and synth-led Seinfeld theme and blends in Fred Durst's aggressive ode to going postal (Hello, Newman!). Though Durst still maintains his in-your-face passion, the song now swings a bit when the horns kick in.

So the show about nothing is now teamed with the song about the "he said, she said bulls--t," but no one's leaving with a fat lip. If anything, it's amusing to the ears to hear such angsty aggression played out over perhaps one of the most lighthearted TV themes of all-time.

Hear more of JJ P's mashup work at his YouTube channel, and keep an ear out for new music from Limp Bizkit. The band continues to work on the long-awaited Stampede of the Disco Elephants album. The group teased fans last August with the "Endless Slaughter" video and is trying to tie up the new disc.

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