The show must go on! But it didn't take long before Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst took a bit of a back seat during the band's show Wednesday night (April 5) in Frankfurt, Germany. Revealing he was under the weather, Durst welcomed a number of fans to the stage to sing some of the band's songs, but not everyone was thrilled. Durst managed to quell one angry concertgoer, inviting him to the stage and giving him a platform to vent while offering him a refund.

The show started as intended per, with Limp Bizkit performing "Show Me What You Got," "Out of Style" and "Pill Popper" at full strength, before Durst invited hardcore fan Tobit to the stage to handle lead or co-lead vocals with other fans for the next handful of songs. Several other fans also got a shot at the mic as well, but while it may have been fun and a unique experience, one audience member was visibly upset leading Durst to intervene.

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Speaking to the audience member, Durst initially stated that he felt the man was a bully. "It's a sad thing," said the singer. "But you know what, we're gonna give you your money back cause you've just got bad energy and you're not a good person or you wouldn't be talking shit and ruining everybody's night. I'm under the weather and you're a fucking asshole. It's that simple."

Durst continued addressing the audience member as DJ Lethal scratched bits of "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye," then inviting the man up onstage to say what he wanted. Given a microphone, the man then went on a rant with security standing close by. As the audience booed, Durst asked the audience to let him speak his mind and the singer learned that he wanted to do some of "Rollin'," so after a handshake, Durst obliged. That incident can be seen here.

The set also featured members of the night's other acts getting in on the fun as well. Wargasm's Milkie Way and Sam Matlock, as well as the singer for BLACKGOLD all got a shot at the mic on songs such as "Full Nelson," "Take a Look Around" and the closing performance of "Break Stuff."

See some of the fan-shot footage from the unique Limp Bizkit show below.

Fans Join Limp Bizkit for "My Way"

Fans Join Limp Bizkit for Medley of "I'm Broke" / "Counterfeit" / "Pollution"

Wargasm + Blackgold Members Join Limp Bizkit for "Full Nelson"

Wargasm + Blackgold Join Limp Bizkit for "Break Stuff"

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