Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland is speaking up about the recent news that DJ Lethal and drummer John Otto are on their way out -- saying that nothing is final as of yet and asking fans to take it easy on Fred Durst over the messy situation.

It's rare that a band will return with their original members after years of separation -- it's even more rare that after that happens, some of those members are asked to leave. Limp Bizkit fans were shocked by the recent news that this may be the case with founding members DJ Lethal and drummer John Otto.

The initial report came from Lethal himself, who seemed resentful that he was being pushed out after working for four years to resurrect the band. Disenfranchised fans naturally took aim at Durst, who was cited as the orchestrator of their potential exit. Guitarist Wes Borland took to Twitter to explain that not only are Lethal and Otto still in the band -- for the time being anyway -- but that Durst isn't the only one pulling the strings.

“We are seriously trying our best to help John and Lethal, but this whole thing was something that should have stayed internal. Lee should not have made this a public affair and you (the fans) should not have ever had to deal with something so personal and damaging.

Making this public has caused way more damage than was necessary and now we’re faced with an even harder situation than before. You (our supporters and friends) do not have the information needed to form valid opinions on the situation and we can’t give it to you…. because you’d have to have lived through it in order to understand.

That being said, LB is still a functioning unit and we have no plans to stop moving forward. Our intentions have never been to try and divide our fans. Our only intention has been to move ahead with the parts of the band that can function together. All that being said, we are trying our hardest to make the best out of this situation.

And none of this has been Fred‘s decision alone. It’s been between Sam, Fred, and I and has been an ever evolving situation. So please get off Fred’s back about it, because we are together in this. And once again, I’m sorry for you that this was ever made public. If it hadn’t of been, you may never have even known about it. Unfortunate.

We weren’t “keeping a secret from fans” We were trying to get it worked out internally, like I said.”

While the statement isn't a definitive answer on Lethal and Otto's status with the band, it indicates that no final decision has been reached as of yet.

The Limp Bizkit comeback began in 2009, with the original unit re-forming and eventually releasing 2011's 'Gold Cobra.' The one-time reigning kings of rap-metal recently got a new lease on their career by inking a deal with the successful rap label Cash Money Records. The band -- with or without Lethal and Otto -- are currently working on their Cash Money debut and will soon release a track called 'Ready to Go,' which features label-mate and rap megastar Lil' Wayne.