Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland is multi-talented. The guitarist, who is also a member of Black Light Burns and who is often cited as the interesting musical mind of the Bizkit and the yin to Fred Durst's yang, is showing off his design skills and partnering with an indie metal band to do so.

According to the PRP, Borland has designed the cover art for Landmine Marathon's upcoming, self-titled 7" release. The details about the release, such as when and where it will be available, have yet to be determined. But the cover image is available in all of its glory.

The cover features a masked, long-haired creature in a red suit or perhaps in red paint, cutting its arms and legs off in counterproductive but visually arresting fashion. The limbs look like hamhocks. It's alternately striking and grotesque, but it certainly warrants a second and third look.

The female-fronted Landmine Marathon play an uber extreme, sonically violent blend of metal so this cover fits their energy! Borland, recently in the press after going on a rant against prog legends Dream Theater, also wears masks when he plays, so art imitates life here.

What do you think about Wes Borland's artistic style, Loudwire readers?