When Linkin Park’s new disc ‘Living Things’ debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, it marked a huge milestone for the band. Linkin Park now hold sole possession of having had more No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200 than any other band this century.

As the band gears up to kick off their co-headlining Honda Civic Tour run with Incubus, Loudwire caught up with frontman Chester Bennington to talk about the recent honor. The ever humble musician deferred most of the credit to the band's fans though.

On making Billboard chart history, Bennington said, “It’s cool. I think it’s something that I never would have thought of - that statistic being one that’s attached to Linkin Park. I’ve always felt that we just made the best record that we could make at the time and so it’s really more a testament to our fans than it is to us.” He continued shedding praise on the band’s loyal following saying, “It really is a testament to how enthusiastic our fanbase is about what we do in the studio. I think that the true test of whether or not what we’ve done is good or not is obviously how well those songs hold up over time.”

While it wasn’t something the band was specifically striving for, the honor does not go unrecognized. Bennington explains, “It’s not really a goal that we set out for as a band, I think that we kind of look at a lot of other things being forced into a different style of business. I think we pay attention to so much that’s going on, you kind of forget about goals like reaching No. 1 on the charts.” He went on to say, “You’re focused more on putting the live show together and you’re focused more on where you’re going to be in six months, which videos to make, which ones not to make and all that kind of stuff. It was kind of a cool little moment for us to kind of take a break and say ‘Oh hey, this is what all of our hard work has made.'"

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