Happy Friday from everyone at Loudwire! To ease you into the weekend, here's one of the funniest albeit strangest videos you'll see. Linkin Park's "Numb" is a modern classic and thanks to some crafty editing, the world can now rest easy that we have a unique version of the track cut to dogs barking along with the lyrics and melodies.

In the video above, an adorable, fluffy white dog gazes lovingly into the camera and sneezes. When the little one lifts its head back up, "Numb" begins and the dog's bark is set to the feature melody. Sure, there's some pitch correcting as clips are sped up and slowed down to closer match the tonality, but who cares? Clips of several dogs barking are spliced together and the result could not be more hilarious.

Some dogs are shown with a loose grip around their snout as their owners try to silence them, but there's no stopping the power of singing along to Linkin Park! The calamity continues when the barks begin to mimic the vocal patterns which alternate between singing and rapping. And there's not only dogs barking along to the tune, as other animals chime in, as well.

As for the real deal Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda has dished out an update from the studio where the band have been toiling away at their seventh studio effort which will serve as the follow-up to 2014's The Hunting Party. The co-lead vocalist and guitarist stated, "We just started narrowing down to some of our favorite songs, and we’re starting to put our first 'final' vocals on them. As I listen through them, I feel like these songs are really personal and revealing. We have really poured our hearts into the words and melodies, and it’s starting to show as we approach recording the 'keeper' vocals."

Vocals are typically the last item to be tracked in the studio, but Linkin Park have switched up the writing process this time around. Shinoda explained earlier in the year, stating, "We’re starting with the most fundamental parts of the songs — the words and vocal melodies — and completely fleshing out those ideas before we begin working out the music."

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