Here's the situation: it's time to put the little ones to bed, but you have an undying urge to hear some Avenged Sevenfold. If only there was a way you can get in some listening without keeping the kiddos up with heavy distortion and thundering drums. That's where Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star comes in!

The popular series has been transforming songs from some of rock and metal's biggest and best bands into dreamy lullabies for years now. They're back with the newest addition, Lullaby Version of Avenged Sevenfold V2 and you can hear the Hail to the King title cut in the video above. The mid-tempo, soaring anthem takes on a new life here, expectedly subduing the song's energy with calm, soothing synths that might put everyone to sleep, not just the baby!

The album contains eight tracks (seen below), including new Avenged cuts from The Stage like "God Damn," "Roman Sky" and the title track. One of the more interesting tracks is "Not Ready to Die," which comes from A7X's Call of Duty: Black Ops video game contribution.

Lullaby Versions of Avenged Sevenfold V2 is out now and can be purchased through iTunes.

Avenged have a number of U.S. festival dates lined up as they ramp up touring in support of The Stage, which was a surprise release sprung on fans last year. They're currently on tour in Europe with their eye-catching new stage set and details regarding their stateside festival dates can be found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Festivals.

Lullaby Versions Of Avenged Sevenfold V2 Track Listing:

01. "Hail to the King"
02. "Not Ready to Die"
03. "God Damn"
04. "Roman Sky"
05. "The Stage"
06. "This Means War"
07. "Shepherd of Fire"
08. "Scream"

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