Welcome to Epic Rock Tales, where rock and metal’s most legendary stories come to life in exclusive animation! In this episode, Lita Ford shares the story of inviting Ozzy Osbourne over to her parents’ home for an eventful Easter dinner.

It seems like hysterical catastrophe follows Ozzy wherever he goes. Despite this long-proven rule of metal, Lita Ford still though it’d be a nice gesture to have Ozzy over for a traditional dinner to celebrate Easter. After chugging down an entire bottle of wine after Lita’s mother tried to simply hand Ozzy a meager glass, the fun really began.

The Ford family had prepared a roast lamb for supper. In a gesture far more kind than pragmatic, Lita’s dad gave Ozzy the honor of slicing the lamb with an electric knife. The already-lit Ozzy dug the tool into the cooked lamb, only to lose control of the knife and have the lamb fly across the room. Ozzy’s punchline to the accident is priceless and classic Oz, so we’ll let you watch for yourselves to find out.

Check out Lita Ford’s Epic Rock Tale above!

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